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The Inner Fire is the life gate, the place from where the will to live is born. Many know this energy whether it is experienced through healing traditions or mental/emotional connections. When the Inner Fire is low, we feel depressed, discouraged, and weak. Singing is the most natural medicine on earth for raising energy levels.

Singing ignites the Inner Fire. When the voice is used to make harmonious sounds, as many as 1400 neural pathways are opened, allowing body, mind, and spirit to be nourished. Healing occurs. The mind is sharpened and moods are regulated. Memory improves, and the heart becomes open to new ways of caring for the self and each other...AND SINGING IS FUN!

Come and share your voice . . . A local singing circle is forming . . .
Explore  the possibilities that connect you to other possibilities when you sing . . .
Our tribal ancestors used singing to heal, unite, and build personal power
using the only musical instrument everyone can play... the voice.

Your voice is a gift to the world. When we use our voices to make beautiful harmonies we participate in sound healing for ourselves and others. In this choir, many who experience life or health challenges will find amazing grace in song. Imagine a circle within a circle – those who need the healing properties of sound surrounded by those who have a willingness to share their precious sound. We hope you will join us in the Inner Fire Choir as we make music that surrounds us all in joy, uplifts the spirit, heals the body, and contributes to a better world.

Singing together is a perfect way to make connections and build community.
No Auditions Ever - All Are Welcome (age 13 and up)

The songs and harmonies are taught & guided so everyone gets the most from participating in exquisite blending of voices. Your leader knows how to bring it all together, so you don't have anything to worry about.
No experience is needed, you don't need to read music.
No one is turned away for lack of skill.
We provide song sheets with the words and music notation, but you don't have to read music
Our basic songbook is available for everyone.

We sing of Peace, Healing, Nature & the Earth, History, Love, Celebration
Spirituality, Life Passages, Events, and Uplifting Ideas